Tuesday, February 6, 2018

[RED DEMOCRATICA] Americas Updater: Tillerson in Mexico, Fraud in Honduras, Defining Migration in the 21c, False Narrative of Open Borders, TPP El Salvador, Lula and Democratic Legitimacy, "Gender Ideology" as Censorship



February 6, 2018                        


Americas Updater:

Vol.16, No. 10



- Tillerson in Mexico


- U.S. Support for Honduras' Fraudulent Election is a Betrayal of Democracy

- An Open Letter to President Juan Orlando Hernandez from Nobel Women Laureates


- 200,000 Families at Risk After Trump Cancels Temporary Protected Status

- How We Handle Migrations Will Define The 21st Century

- Open Borders and Trump's False Narrative


- Brazil: Democratic Legitimacy at Risk

- "Gender Ideology" as Censorhip in Brazil 


NEW from the Americas Program

Tillerson in Mexico

By Laura Carlsen

Tillerson's visit stirred the already muddied waters of Mexican politics. It did nothing to repair the binational relationship and increased, rather than allayed fears regarding the Trump administration's policies against Mexican migrants, the border wall, the failed drug war or possible plans to block the center-left in the upcoming elections.  Read More

U.S. Support for Honduras' Fraudulent Election is a Betrayal of Democracy

By Laura Carlsen

The Trump administration just helped steal a national presidential election right under our noses. That does not bode well for democracy—not for Honduras', not for ours, and not for anyone else's.  Read More

An Open Letter to President Juan Orlando Hernandez from Nobel Women Laureates

By Nobel Women Laureates

Nobel Women Laureates are urging the international community —the U.S. and Canadian governments in particular— to publicly denounce the violence, and join the call for a fair and transparent electoral recount with the presence of international and regional electoral observers.  Read More

200,000 Families at Risk After Trump Cancels Temporary Protected Status

By Carmen Rodriguez

Salvadorans protected by TPS in the United States were hit with a low, hard blow. The administration of Donald Trump canceled the program, a move that impacts more than 200,000 Salvadorans who have lived in the country for more than 15 yearsRead More

How We Handle Migrations Will Define The 21st Century

By Laura Carlsen

As the humanitarian crisis deepens, states debate between a model of national security and a model of human security. In many countries, racism and xenophobia take over state decision-making bodies. And tragedies multiply every day.  Read More

Open Borders and Trump's False Narrative

By Laura Carlsen

Instead of demonizing the idea of open borders, it's time to embrace it, to demonstrate with facts the benefits of migration and migrants, in addition to remedying the causes of forced migration. To do this we have to understand what worked about the Trump narrative as we reject it, and propose alternatives, in addition to denying the lies.  Read More

Brazil: Democratic Legitimacy at Risk

By Gabriel Puricelli

The Porto Alegre Regional Federal Tribunal's (RFT) ratification of Curitiba judge Sergio Moro's decision to convict ex-president Lula Da Silva of "passive corruption" not only puts at risk the former president's freedom, but also the possibility for him to be a presidential candidate.  Read More

"Gender Ideology" as Censorhip in Brazil 

By Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

Far-right and evangelical fundamentalist groups are censoring art exhibitions in Brazil, based on an extreme-right 'gender ideology'.In practice, the groups hide a well-organized political agenda to influence power. Read More


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