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Thursday, August 30, 2012

[RED DEMOCRATICA] America and the Post-9/11 World: The National Conversation Continues


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Wilson Weekly
August 30 Wilson Weekly
Upcoming National Conversation

America's Role in the World Post 9/11: A New Survey of Public Opinion
Conducted in cooperation with NPR and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the event will feature the release of the latest biennial survey of U.S. public opinion on America's role in the post 9-11 world.

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Past National Conversations
Change, Contain, or Engage Nuclear "Outliers"? NPR/Wilson Center Event

Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep moderated The Wilson Center and NPR's first joint National Conversation. Author Robert S. Litwak and New York Times' columnist Thomas Friedman each explain how nuclear "outliers" Iran and North Korea can join the international community and how the US may react should the countries continue down their nuclear paths.

Book | Outlier States: American Strategies to Change, Contain or Engage Regimes

Event Transcript

Dialogue Program | Outlier States: American Strategies to Change, Contain, or Engage Regimes
Afghanistan: Is There A Regional Endgame?

Dr. Henry Kissinger and a distinguished panel from the media, government, and academia analyze the future of Afghanistan. What role should outside powers play in promoting the peace process and stability in the aftermath of a US military presence?

Dialogue Program | Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan

Book Launch | Little America
In Search of a National Security Narrative for the 21st Century

The inaugural National Conversation launched with a discussion of the need for a new national security narrative. Hosted by Wilson Center Director, President, and CEO Jane Harman, and moderated by New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman, panelists discussed options for defense and diplomacy in an increasingly complex and multi-polar world.

Dialogue Program | The National Conversation Continues: A Follow-up Discussion with Mr. Y

Paper | A National Strategic Narrative by Mr. Y
Alumni News

The Shadow War
On this encore episode of dialogue our guest is Public Policy Scholar Mark Mazzetti, the national security correspondent for the New York Times. He discusses the increasing convergence of military and intelligence fields in carrying out operations in the absence of a formally declared war.

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Wilson in the News
The Problem with Grand Bargains — National Interest

Public Policy Scholar Ilan Greenberg and Title VIII Research Scholar Andrew Radin have co-authored an article about 'grand bargains,' which are comprehensive agreements that try to settle all issues of a conflict in one go. They argue that this approach is far more difficult than its advocates suggest and inappropriate for many of the conflicts for which it's suggested.

Protecting Julian Assange: What's in it for Ecuador? — CTV News

Julian Assange, is currently still at the Ecuador Embassy in London, but the UK has threatened to arrest him if he leaves the embassy. Cynthia Arnson, Director of the Latin America Program, was interviewed by CCTV on why she thinks the president of Ecuador has been so protective of Assange.

Civil Strife in South Africa Over Miners Strike — Voice of Russia

Public Policy Scholar Francis Kornegay discusses conflict in South Africa at a platinum mine on the Voice of Russia radio. He explains the social and economic context that led up to the confrontations between striking miners and the police and the political ripples that the conflict is likely to create throughout the country.

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