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Thursday, August 23, 2012

[RED DEMOCRATICA] Salafis, Putin, & The Trans-Pacific Partnership


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Wilson Weekly
August 23 Wilson Weekly
The New Salafi Crescent

Not all Islamist political parties are to be feared, but an extremist strain called the Salafis have a warped vision of a new order in the Middle East, writes Robin Wright in The New York Times.

Website | The Islamists Are Coming

Publication | Morocco's Islamists: In Power Without Power

On The Homepage
New Initiative on Global Sustainability and Resilience

A new Wilson Center initiative will study the impact of global changes—such as population growth, resource scarcity, urbanization, migration, and economic development—on people's lives, from their environment and health to their security and economic wellbeing.

Director Blair A. Ruble to Chair New Wilson Center Program, Leaving Kennan Institute

Geoff Dabelko: Moving On But Staying with ECSP
Putin's First 100 Days

Kennan Institute Deputy Director Will Pomeranz explains how Putin has used the first 100 days of his third Presidential term to reaffirm his grip on power in Russia by asserting control over the energy sector, reinforcing the state's power vertical, and weakening oversight institutions, setting the stage for further conflict between the Kremlin and Russian society.

National Conversation | Putin's Return The U.S.-Russian Reset

Context Q&A | The Return of Vladimir Putin and the Future of Russian Democracy
The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Future of International Trade

Deputy US Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis and a panel of experts discussed how the major trade initiative of the Obama Administration, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, will broaden trade in the Pacific and may create a template for future, global trade negotiations.

Event Video | Transcript | Presentations
Alumni News

The Age of Connection
This week on an encore broadcast of dialogue we explore the "Age of Connection" issue of The Wilson Quarterly with the help of its editor, Steve Lagerfeld. We are also joined by Christine Rosen, senior editor of The New Atlantis and author of the cover story which looks at what's been gained and lost during the transition from handwriting to keyboards.

watch >

Wilson in the News
Amid Drug War, Mexico Homicide Rate Up for Fourth Straight Year — LA Times

The new homicide numbers "show that violence is still a really important issue," says Associate Director of the Mexico Institute Eric Olson. "How [Peña Nieto] is going to seek to reduce violence is an open question, but it's still a worthwhile priority."

Esfandiari on Iran's Decision to Curtail Female Education — PBS Frontline

Over the last three decades, Iranian women have shown again and again they can come up with new ways of pursuing their goals and frustrating the government's best-laid plans, says Director of the Middle East Program Haleh Esfandiari.

South African Police Kill 34 Striking Miners in Clash, 78 Injured — CTV

Director of the Africa Program Steve McDonald provides commentary discusses police firing on mining strikers in South Africa.

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