Friday, January 28, 2011

[RED DEMOCRATICA] U.S.-China Talks--State of the Union--U.S. Competitiveness: This Week on CFR's State and Local Officials Portal


From the Council on Foreign Relations

January 28, 2011

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This CFR Analysis Brief discusses President Obama's State of the Union address, which stressed an agenda to boost competitiveness, bipartisanship, and sacrifice. Critics say he failed to lay out a convincing plan to tackle the country's mounting debt.

==> Explore CFR's Issue Guide on the State of the Union.


In this Financial Times op-ed, CFR President Richard N. Haass and Evercore Partners Founder and Chairman Roger C. Altman argue that a debt crisis in the United States will shrink America's global role and result in a less safe and less free world.

==> Read this Foreign Affairs article on American Power and American Profligacy.


In this CFR Interview, CFR Senior Fellow Elizabeth C. Economy discusses how the Obama administration scored some successes on human rights and trade during Chinese president Hu's state visit, but made no breakthrough on currency and other issues.

==> Visit CFR's Asia Unbound Blog for more timely analysis of emerging issues in Asia.


In this CFR podcast, CFR Senior Fellow Adam Segal argues that to maintain its technological primacy, the United States should focus on strengthening the politics, social networks, and institutions that move ideas from the lab to the marketplace He says that local capabilities are also important--regions and cities will have to start thinking competitively.

==> Explore Dr. Segal's new book, Advantage: How American Innovation Can Overcome the Asian Challenge.




Thanks to technological advances, vast amounts of natural gas--particularly shale gas--have become economically viable. This development is a boon for consumers interested in affordable energy and for governments hoping to reduce their countries' dependency on foreign oil, says former U.S. undersecretary of energy John Deutch.


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